Why I named my Santas

"Marcella's Daughter Santas"

As a young girl I would work side by side with my mother as she created ceramic bowls and vases. The time I spent with my mother is a treasured memory; however, it was much too short a time since she passed away at a very young age. I always wanted to honor my mother by designing and creating something artistic in her name "Marcella". Both my mother and I loved Christmas - it's always been a very special time of year and brings fond memories of family gatherings and Christmas with my mother. I've collected Santa Claus Art Doll Collectibles for years and have accumulated a huge collection. I decided that designing and creating One-Of-A-Kind Art Doll Santas myself would be a wonderful way to honor my mother - and thus the name "Marcella's Daughter Santas" ........ for after all ........ I am Marcella's Daughter.


About the Artist


I've been designing and producing my heirloom quality collection of collectible Santa Claus dolls and Old World inspired Father Christmas characters in my home. I have a passion for Santas and for Christmas and pursues my passion through my art. My One of a Kind Santas are created with great care. A perfectionist by nature I pay very close attention to the smallest of details. Each Santa is a unique One-of-a-Kind Art Doll Santa, with hand tailored clothing using the finest of fabrics. All of the Art Doll Santa's embellishments are carefully selected - many of which I hand make and hand paint. Santa's head, hands, feet and some of the boots I hand sculpt with the Polymer Clay available. All Art Doll Santas are made with the finest quality glass eyes and mohair. Every Prosculpt Polymer Clay Santa Claus is signed, numbered and dated. It normally takes me up to a month to produce just one Original Art Doll Santa Claus. I"m a self taught artist learning how to sculpt through various sculpting videos. I've been sewing clothes and many crafts for years. It was only natural to me to design Santa's since that is where my passion lies.