"Bouquet Collection Santa"


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"North Wind Santa"






North Wind Santa is dressed in an exquisite flowing long robe and is embellished with silver beaded trim and white fur. The robe shimmers in the light of the Christmas tree. North Wind Santa will make a wonderful addition to your Santa collection. North Wind Santa stands 20" tall.

Each year Santa makes several magical journeys. One of these we all know about, but there are other trips that in their own way help to make Santa's Christmas Eve travels possible.

Using his powers of magic and fantasy, Santa ventures to the land of the North Wind. Here exists cold unlike any mere humans have experienced. It frosts Santa's clothes and trims them with silvery ice. As Santa moves on, the cold crisp wind stimulates his mind. He is filled with wonderful ideas to delight children everywhere. The piercing wind blows away any cobwebs that may have clouded his creativity. His ideas become as crystal clear as the ice that surrounds him in the land of the North Wind.

Even though he never sees the North Wind, Santa is very grateful for the help he receives. He leaves behind tokens of appreciation and thanks. Renewed, he returns home, ready to fill children with wonder and amazement for another year!

From my private collection - comes with the original box, hang tag and certificate of authenticity..