Marcella's Daughter Santas

These Original Art Doll Santas are 100% hand made Collectible Santas. Each Santa starts with an overall design concept, followed by my sculpting the original head, hands and some of the boots in Jack Johnston Prosculpt Polymer Clay. I use only the finest of glass eyes giving each Santa a lifelike appearance. Beards and wigs are made by hand from mohair, wools and angora and are expertly attached to each Art Doll Santa. Each Father Christmas takes on its own personality at this stage of creating the original design. Hats, cloaks and capes are hand-crafted to complete the overall image of each Santa character. The fabrics for each Art Doll Santa are carefully selected from both new and vintage fabrics. Many of the accessories are also hand made and hand painted. Great attention is paid to the smallest of detail. The entire process takes numerous hours of work to construct just one Original Art Doll Santa. Truly a labor of love goes into every piece.

If you like what you see, I can create an Original Art Doll Santa which would be very similar especially for you. Or you might get ideas on what you would like in the way of a custom Art Doll Santa for yourself or a loved one.

Click to Enlarge Picture of Hand Made Prosculpt Head and Armature !