Click to Enlarge My First Art Doll Santa!

"Santa with Tina"

This is my very first Original One-Of-A-Kind Art Doll Santa. I call him "Santa with Tina". Tina was our beloved pet that passed away a year earlier and we wanted a special way to remember her. We display this Santa year round. The clothing and chair on this Santa are from left over pieces of fabric and recycled fur. The chair is a one of a kind that I just happened to have laying around the house. Santa is Hand Sculpted with Jack Johnston's Prosculpt Polymer Clay using the finest glass eyes available. This Art Doll Santa is 22" tall standing and 17" sitting.
Click to Enlarge My First Santa - Made with Prosculpt Polymer Clay !
Click to Enlarge Photo of my very first Sculpted Santa!
My First Santa is not for sale; however, If you like what you see, I can create an Art Doll Santa which would be very similar. Or you might get ideas on what you would like in the way of a custom Prosculpt Polymer Clay Santa for yourself or a loved one.
Click to Enlarge Photo of My First Sculptured Santa!


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